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Contessa Company (Italy) was founded by Italian Stefano Contessa in 1974. Over the years, his sons Alessandro and Andrea, who grew up in their father's workshop, learned craft techniques and the importance of doing work at a professional level. The imprint given by their father allows them to produce mechanical parts of high precision and quality, combining tradition with technological innovation. In the early 2000s, Contessa decided to use its experience to develop its own product with patented mechanics: Simple Black, the first line of Contessa mounts for sights.

Contessa produces brackets, slats, bases, slats-bases, rails, guides, objective rings, rings for sight on the bar, fasteners, quick-release fasteners, fixed fasteners, dovetail mounts, ring reducers, adapter rings, muzzle brakes, muzzle compensators, screws.

  • Refinement and quality, which have always distinguished the company's craftsmanship, have made their products unique, with impeccable mechanics. The tests that Contessa brackets are subjected to are very tough, the company's products have proven that they are worthy of the attention of shooters.
  • The company employs 15 people who have a high level of technical knowledge in the field of rifle production and pay special attention to the division of the company's values. Serious and punctual professionals work with enthusiasm every day.
  • The latest evolution of Contessa's quick-release sight mounting system is the new Steel Insert System technology, steel inserts, which are the lightest steel mounts in the world, providing maximum mounting stability.

Full range of services

From the design of individual units to the modernization of the largest objects, including installation, commissioning and service of the supplied equipment.

  1. Designing

    Inspection and receipt of technical specifications, development of feasibility study and documentation. Regulatory support and certification.
  2. Installation

    Preparation of assembly kits, installation supervision and turnkey assembly. Preparation of the object to the customer and supervisory structures.
  3. Commissioning

    Development and production of control systems, lying of communications, connection, configuration, testing, customer training.
  4. Service

    Audit, support and maintenance. Spare parts warehouse and repair with provision of temporary equipment.