Delivery within Russia and to other countries


The Brennenstuhl company (Germany) was founded in 1958. It is a leading international company specializing in the field of electronics and electrical engineering. The company has achieved success thanks to the constant pursuit of innovation. The Brennenstuhl product range consists of a large assortment of various current distribution devices (cable drums, wire tape measures, multi-section sockets, etc.), lighting devices, surge protectors used in household appliances and security equipment, video surveillance systems, intercoms, smoke detectors, etc.

Extension cords, Mains filters, sockets, timers, cable drums, empty coils, extension cords on a coil, tees, extension cables, sockets, switchgear, home and security appliances, detectors, ladders, LED spotlights, lanterns, night lights, humidity detectors, compressor hose drums, electric engravers, light bulbs, smoke detectors, central control units, motion sensors, Door and window sensors/contacts, sirens, remote controls, wireless smoke and heat alarms, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, brightness sensors, water alarms, wall switches, drives, starter kits, routers, radiator thermostats

  • Brennenstuhl products are durable because their plastic parts are tested for cold shock: they are subjected to loads at subzero temperatures.
  • More than 100 million of the company's products are used worldwide. More than 30,000 distributors sell products to customers in more than 100 countries.
  • Many safety certificates from independent testing institutes prove that compliance with German and international standards is checked and confirmed.

Full range of services

From the design of individual units to the modernization of the largest objects, including installation, commissioning and service of the supplied equipment.

  1. Designing

    Inspection and receipt of technical specifications, development of feasibility study and documentation. Regulatory support and certification.
  2. Installation

    Preparation of assembly kits, installation supervision and turnkey assembly. Preparation of the object to the customer and supervisory structures.
  3. Commissioning

    Development and production of control systems, lying of communications, connection, configuration, testing, customer training.
  4. Service

    Audit, support and maintenance. Spare parts warehouse and repair with provision of temporary equipment.