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Catalog IKA

The company IKA WERKE (Germany) is a world leader in the market of laboratory technologies and devices for mixing, shaking and grinding. The company employs more than 800 employees in eight factories located on four different continents.

Magnetic stirrers, shakers, dispersants, heating tiles, thermostats, Mills, calorimeters

  • During production, IKA focuses on high quality, not only with the help of experienced personnel, but also thanks to standardized technological processes and quality control.
  • The company's practical use center occupies 400 m2 and offers modern equipment for the presentation and testing of laboratory equipment and processes.
  • IKA presents a wide range of innovative devices for a diverse number of applications in the research and development of new methods.

Full range of services

From the design of individual units to the modernization of the largest objects, including installation, commissioning and service of the supplied equipment.

  1. Designing

    Inspection and receipt of technical specifications, development of feasibility study and documentation. Regulatory support and certification.
  2. Installation

    Preparation of assembly kits, installation supervision and turnkey assembly. Preparation of the object to the customer and supervisory structures.
  3. Commissioning

    Development and production of control systems, lying of communications, connection, configuration, testing, customer training.
  4. Service

    Audit, support and maintenance. Spare parts warehouse and repair with provision of temporary equipment.