Delivery within Russia and to other countries


HIMALAYAN SALT Company (Pakistan) is engaged in the processing of Himalayan pink crystal salt and the production of products that are used not only as a building material for saunas and baths, but also as a means for interior decoration, beauty and health.

Salt bricks, tiles, stones, lamps, candlesticks, salt glue, salt for SPA

  • Pink Himalayan salt crystals contain 92 trace elements and more than 200 chemical compounds, and have antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Real pink salt is odorless and completely dissolves in water, without staining the water and without leaving a strong sediment or suspension.
  • Himalayan pink salt is an amazing natural material that is used in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, cooking, cosmetology, design, construction.

Full range of services

From the design of individual units to the modernization of the largest objects, including installation, commissioning and service of the supplied equipment.

  1. Designing

    Inspection and receipt of technical specifications, development of feasibility study and documentation. Regulatory support and certification.
  2. Installation

    Preparation of assembly kits, installation supervision and turnkey assembly. Preparation of the object to the customer and supervisory structures.
  3. Commissioning

    Development and production of control systems, lying of communications, connection, configuration, testing, customer training.
  4. Service

    Audit, support and maintenance. Spare parts warehouse and repair with provision of temporary equipment.